How to Groom At HomeHow to Groom At Home


In this video I show you some of the trouble spots of matting, and how to tackle them in between your grooming appointments.

Hi, This is Monica from Furry Fanatics and Dapper Dogs, and in this time in this crazy world, I wanted to talk to you guys about grooming your doodles in between in case you can’t get to the groomer or you choose not to go to the groomer.

This is Bailey. She is our little volunteer for today. I just wanted to point out some things. Bailey has a nice long coat and her owners have done a pretty good job of keeping her unmatted but we still have some mats down here. This is where the mats get. They get really close down to the skin and they get really tight so I’m going to remove these mats but I wanted to show you on this side, we have already taken all the mats out. What I want to show you is the best remove method. I take my little pin brush that Furry Fanatics sells and I brush out the area so that it looks similar to this. It looks very beautiful like very flowing. And then I take my metal comb and this is the part that will always tell on you every single time. You want to be able to get your comb, take it all the way down next to the skin, and have a clean, easy, coming back out, on through the hair. Just like that. See we’re getting some mats still.

So here is the example of the side that is not good. So I’ve brushed all this up. I’ve made it. It looks beautiful. It looks like there’s no mats in there. I take my comb, and there we are, we have mats. See? Her’s aren’t as tight as they can get. And with just a little bit of effort, we can get these out, she’s being a really good sport. So we are going to pull just a tiny bit and little tiny strokes like that. Nope, see? So she’s done with that. We’re going to take a different method. We’re going to use my thinning shears if you have them at home.

I just kinda break it up a little bit and brush it over again and see if we’ve loosened them up at all. See, we’ve loosened them up. And now we can get that comb through that part. Just like that. This is that work. I am doing all of the existing work, to get the existing mats out before her bath.

She will have a full bath and conditioner, blow dry and we will have to come back and use our brush and comb again to make sure going forward she doesn’t have any mats.

You can brush your dog 15 to 20 mins every single day and then prevent this situation (??) unless they get wet. If they get wet, you have to brush them as they are drying every few minutes until you can get them dry and make sure there is no mats down on this leg.

Also be careful when using any cutting instrument next to these mats on the skin because this is a good area that you can dig into that skin where it wants to and you can cut them. So you have to be mindful about where you’re doing it. The flat stronger areas are a little bit more safer to dig in a little bit but not the little areas, never up in here and never up in here.

Thank you.