No More Lost DogsNo More Lost Dogs


I see lost dog posts every day and my heart always goes out to the owner. It is scary not knowing where your fur baby is. If you have owned dogs, then you probably have been there sometime. A sweet girl that we know went missing for a few hours. She had gotten into a cabinet, the door closed, and she decided that taking a long nap while ignoring her owners’ calls would be her afternoon fun (she is a stubborn girl). Hours later she was found safe inside of her own home, never really in danger. A few weeks ago, a family from out of town had their dog get out of the house while they were out, someone opened the door, and he ran into the forest. The community started looking (what a great community this is) over the next 9 days he was spotted several times, but he was so scared no one could catch him. Thankfully he was finally found and is now safe back with his people. A couple of years ago, both my German and Australian Shepherd had gotten out, on different occasions, in PCB, right next to 98, while staying at a friend’s house. Bodie was found straight away but Boomer was missing for 4 long days. After Boomer went on his adventure, we purchased Fi collars, for both dogs. It is a GPS tracking collar it gives the exact location of the dog, has a lost mode and a light that you access from your phone remotely. There is a yearly subscription if you want all the features, unfortunately there is not a cat version. For my cats I use the Apple air tags. The advantage is once you purchase the tag it is free to use. I am noticing more of my clients using them on their dogs’ collars. They are small, lightweight and you can buy a collar Air tag holder that just slides on your existing collar. The technology is out there please use it, especially when traveling. It would have saved us 4 sleepless nights and one tired Boomer